Tyler Texas backup and disaster recovery

Does your small business have a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution in place?

Hopefully you take steps to decrease risks for your servers in your local data closet.  I also hope you have adequate cooling to keep everything cool and perhaps have a fire extinguisher nearby in case something really heats up.

What about a disgruntled former employee?  Do you have safeguards to prevent a malicious act by someone who is having a really bad day?

Check out this story of a guy who unleashes code to sabotage his former employer’s intellectual property:

What damage can a disgruntled former employee do to YOUR company?

Click here to read about what one DISGRUNTLED FORMER EMPLOYEE did to his company.

Wow, that didn’t work out for him too well, as it cost the company about $5,000 in damages, but he has to pay about $350K in restitution.

Not only do you have to watch out for equipment failure, human caused problems are a real risk to protect against.  A good Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution in place with a CLOUD based backup and replication strategy can help you to avoid pain to your business from natural or man-caused disasters and potentially limit your losses to 15 minutes of data.  Is your company protected?

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