Are you backing up your small business data to the cloud? That is a very important piece of a business continuity plan. 

Seriously, do you have an offsite backup?

Folks, this is getting really scary. One of the newest ransomware viruses will actually start deleting your files if you don’t pay up in the hour that they give you.

Minimize your downtime and loss of business and employee productivity, and decrease your stress levels with a cloud backup, click the links below to learn more.

Is it worth the risk to your valuable company data and digital assets to not have a safe, secure, automatic cloud-based backup and business continuity system in place?

You won’t worry about an employee unwittingly clicking on a rogue link IF, and I mean IF you have a cloud backup in place.

Here’s one example of how really bad people are taking advantage of those of you who are unprepared:


A cloud backup won’t protect you from that employee who clicks on malicious links, but it will come in very handy if you have to restore your data because it was corrupted or encrypted.

Always stress to your staff that opening attachments should only be done when:

  1. You are expecting the attachment from the sender.
  2. You trust what the sender is sending.
  3. If attachment is at all suspicious, best course is to call the sender and see if it is legit.  If not, DELETE it.

An offsite backup will protect you should the unthinkable happen…you or someone on your staff clicks on a link that unleashes a malicious payload in your environment.

Hit me up in the comments and let me know how you are protecting your systems and data. Are you using an automatic cloud backup now? Will it automatically replicate your server and allow you to continue to operate your business?

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