Connect Remotely and securely to your work network from home.

Connect securely from home to your office network – Here’s how.

Connect securely from home to your office network.

Hey East Texas. Want your employees to be able to connect to your office network from their homes?

Sometimes circumstances dictate that we stay at home, especially in cases of extremely dangerous weather conditions, or dangerous virus pandemics like the COVID-19 outbreak. 

To allow your employees to have remote access to your office network, you must have some policies in place to protect your network and avoid any financial and data security risk.

Here are just a few ideas to consider: 

  • Employees should not use their personal computers to access your network unless they are only using remote desktop connections. 
  • Connect via SECURE VPN.  Secure VPN provides an encrypted tunnel to your network.  Data packets pass through your firewall and are inspected for malicious content. This traffic is either passed, quarantined or blocked. 
  • Email must not be configured on a home user’s computer, but instead accessed via the remote desktop connection you have to your remote servers. Email may also be accessed via web access. 
  • Work documents must not be saved on personal computers. 
  • All company computers authorized to connect remotely, must have a workstation protection package installed, such as the Pronet Live Agent which provides antimalware/antivirus/web protection as well as remote connection support for your IT staff. 
  • Employee family members (including children/spouses/other people in the home) should not be allowed access to employee work computers under any circumstances.

There are many bad actors actively targeting US companies, and they have increased their hacking efforts, especially in times of crisis…when your guard is down and it’s a reflex to click a link offering assistance.

Employees working on unprotected home computers are easy targets and could create a significant security threat to your business network. 

The majority of home computers are infected with malware.

Opening your work environment up to these computers creates an easy point of entry for hackers intent on stealing or misdirecting your financial transactions and accessing sensitive company data. 

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