Data Backup and Recovery

What Data Backup and Recovery means for your business

  • Protection from natural disasters.
  • Protection from man-caused disasters.
  • Protection from cyber-criminals.
  • Protection from hardware failure.

Business continuity entails many things, but one of the foundation pieces is a ROCK-SOLID data backup and recovery solution.

Important questions to ask about Data Backup and Recovery

  • Does your company have a continuity solution in place to ensure that you have no interruption in service and that there is minimal business impact in the event of a catastrophe?
  • Is your solution hosted on a secure, redundant, off-site platform which is available 24x7x365 in case of disruption at your primary business location?
  • Does your business have a rock-solid local backup that can be used to restore files and to quickly restore a failed server?
  • Is your local backup replicated to a secure off-site location?
  • Can you run your business from your local backup appliance or off-site location while you wait for your failed equipment to be repaired?

The best Data backup and recovery solution for small business is…

  • Automated
  • Verified
  • Tested
  • Replicated to a secure, off-site platform

What is a BDR?

A foundation for your data backup and recovery solution is a BDR appliance with data center replication. Do you know what a BDR is and how it can help your business?  Do you know what your RTO/RPO is?   Protect your key servers and workstations with a rock-solid data backup and recovery solution.

Key Pronet Solutions Data Backup and Recovery Services

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