email-1345971_960_720.pngThis is part 3 of a 5 part series where we reveal what we think are essential computer support services for your small business.

Part 3 – Email services

Email is still a huge part of our daily lives, and having an email system that is reliable and always available makes great business sense. Your computer support services company should be able to help make recommendations for the best email system for your company.  For a lot of small businesses, Office 365 is a great choice. 

Do you have problems with email and multiple devices?

Is your email at work out of sync with your home computer, which is out of sync with your iPad or smartphone? Don’t know where you’ve saved a copy of an important email?  Is it on your smartphone, or is it on the work computer…the laptop? the home computer?  

If you struggle with having multiple mailboxes with different versions of your inbox on each, and are constantly confused about which mailbox contains which email, there is a solution.

Office 365 is a good solution that allows all of your mailboxes to be in sync.  Delete a message from your phone, and it’s deleted from your home and work computers, the way it should be.  Your important emails and deletions will be synchronized to all of your devices.

If you just need email services, there are affordable monthly plans available. If you need email and MS Office desktop applications, there are plans for that too. Which plan is right?  How much will it cost?

Quick and Easy Setup

Well, not really, especially if you don’t do it everyday. You might consider hiring a company to do the migration for you. It’s a very good bet that the company will be experts at the migration process, which means it will get done better and faster.

Do it Yourself?

If you do want to complete this on your own, here are the steps:

Steps to migrate to Office 365

  • Export mail from all of your devices (If using pop3 accounts), otherwise, create new accounts and MIGRATE inboxes to new account.
  • Create new accounts
  • Setup spam-filter
  • Change MX records for your domain (so the internet knows where to point your email to)
  • Configure devices for new email account
  • Import your old mail into new mailbox, ensuring there are no duplicates
  • Archive your old email.

Would you rather speak to someone about migrating your email for you?

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