Computer Support Services for East Texas | Computer Repair Tyler TX This is part 5 of a 5 part series where we reveal what we think are essential computer support services for your small business.  

Part 5 – Documentation

Is your network well-documented?  

Did you have a company or a computer guy set up your computer network years ago and now you have to contact them every time you need a particular piece of information related to your network setup?

Need a login? A password? Important software keys, download instructions etc?

Without this information at your fingertips, you may not be able to react to issues quickly enough and your business may suffer. Having a well-documented computer and network infrastructure is vital for the stability of your operations.

What should I document?

In short?  Everything.  This information should be as thorough as possible and stored in a secure place that is easily accessible when you need it.  

In an emergency situation, your documentation can help you to more quickly solve any issues that may come up, and get you back to doing business.

Documentation should include:

    • Server equipment information, including warranty info
    • Network equipment
    • DNS and Domain info
    • Certificates (if required)
    • Licensing info for key software
    • Software end of life tracking
    • Asset TRACKING and management
    • Contact info for key vendors and support personnel.


Documentation of your network and systems is very important for your day to day activities and can help a great deal if you should have issues.  A good computer support services company will collect this information for you and store it in a secure place where you may access it when required.

Don’t depend on Joe, the computer guy to always be available to phone you back when you need this information.  This is your information and you should always have access to it.

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