Ransomware Survival Backup and disaster recovery Longview, Tyler, Shreveport, Lufkin, Palestine, AthensThe threat from ransomware is real, and it can be really costly for your business.  

Ransomware is a business for bad guys.  

These bad guys prey on us good guys (and gals) when we let our guard down or don’t take the right steps to prepare to protect our business information.

Protect yourself from the threat of ransomware.

Download our FREE Ebook Conversational Ransomware Defense and Survival from Veeam and Conversational Geek and you can learn: 

  • What ransomware is and where it came from
  • Strategies to protect your computers and data from ransomware (and it’s NOT JUST antivirus)
  • How to keep from infecting your network and cloud file shares
  • What makes ransomware so difficult to stop
  • How to defend against, endure, and recover from a ransomware attack
  • The role of recovery in ransomware survival
  • What to look for in suspicious emails
  • How ransomware is ever evolving and not going away
  • How ransomware gets through your secure firewall (and how to protect yourself)

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