hands-typing-6.jpgAre you providing computer support for a small business with 10 or more computers?

Are you a business owner, or an office administrator? Are you spending a lot of time doing computer support for your company instead of actually running the company? It may be time to hire a computer support provider so you can get back to your other roles in the company.

In this post, we’ll try to provide some answers about hiring an Managed IT Services company

  • Is it taking up more and more of your valuable time to provide support for your systems?
  • Do you find yourself constantly working on issues related to computers and not working on your “real” job?  
  • Do you spend a lot of time on viruses and malware issues, application installs, Windows security updates and patches?  
  • Not to mention backups, file recovery, new user setups, printer problems, Java incompatibilities, browser issues?  
  • Do you stay up at night worrying about your computers and data?

Is it time to hire someone to provide computer support for your company?

Wouldn’t all this time and worry be better focused on other things, like growing your business?

It might make sense to hire someone to do computer support for your company.

Should you hire an in-house computer support person, or hire an IT Managed Services provider?

Here are some questions that you might think about to help you with your decision.

Do you have enough work for a full-time computer support employee?

Is there enough work to keep a full-timer busy all day, or will they end up surfing the web and distracting your staff?

Are you worried about the salary you will have to offer to attract a full-time computer support person?

How much are you going to have to pay to attract a good IT person? If the only person you can afford to hire is entry-level, there is a good chance that they will bolt for another job once they have some experience under their belt. Will you provide benefits?  What about when they have time off requests? Sick days? Who will take care of your support requirements when your IT support person calls in sick or goes on vacation?

Is your in-house computer support person up to date on the latest technologies?

One full-time in-house IT person may not have the breadth of knowledge or the expertise to provide timely and efficient service for all your company requirements.  If you hire an outside company for computer support, you are able to draw on the expertise of all the team members from that company. 

Perhaps a managed services provider is a better option for you.

If you worry about having enough work for a full-time, in-house support person, or where you are going to get the money in your budget to hire someone.  Maybe a managed service provider makes more sense.

A computer support services company (or Managed Service Provider) will work when and only when you need them to fix a problem. They will also recommend that you put in place preventative solutions to not only decrease the number of problems you have, but to  help to make your computers more reliable and your data more available. Ultimately, this helps your staff be more productive and helps your company improve revenues.

A computer support services provider or managed service provider will have the broad knowledge that a team of people can bring.  They can work together to provide solutions that are designed for your company and the specific processes that you have.

When should you look for a computer support company?

If you have decided that you don’t have enough work for a full-time, in-house IT person, You may have concluded that an outside computer support services company just makes more sense when you do have issues that crop up.

So, when is the best time to start looking for a support company?  

You guessed it! Before you have a problem. Don’t scramble to find a support company when you are in the middle of a problem, look for a company now, while things are relatively calm and everything is working. This way, you can take your time to interview several companies without being in a panic to get someone NOW.  

Many companies will offer to provide support to you on a trial period. This allows you  to determine if their company will fit in with your company’s culture and expectations.

Coming up, what should you expect out of a good computer support services company?

If your small business has grown and is requiring you to spend more time managing computers, email, mobile devices, domain names, accounts, software, etc.  Perhaps it’s time to reach out to a computer support services company to provide some relief for you.

In upcoming blog posts, we will examine what an experienced company can help you put in place for your business to make your systems and data more secure, and more available.

Use this guide to help you when you are interviewing companies to support your computers and network.

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