Backup and disaster recovery, cloud backup and always on availability, IT Managed Services, Tyler, Longview, Marshall, Henderson, Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Athens, Canton and Palestine.Every once in a while I run into someone I’ve known for a very long time and we talk about computers and computer support.  I tell them that I work for the best IT Managed Services company in East Texas.  They say, “I didn’t know you did that”.   Honestly, that only stings a little.

I’m constantly telling people to make sure that they have their small business computers setup with a bullet-proof and automatic backup and disaster recovery solution.  

Your data is important to your business.  Could you survive a day without it?  What about a week or more as you make plans to replace the failed equipment in your server?

A BDR is something that can really make your life easier and your small business computers systems always available.  The short version of how  this works:

  • Make a local image-based backup of your servers and key workstations to the BDR appliance
  • Replicate these images to an off-site datacenter
  • In the event your server or key workstations become unavailable, call your computer support company and have them spin up your failed or unavailable devices on the BDR appliance.
  • If your BDR appliance is unavailable also, ask them to spin up an instance of your device in the off-site datacenter location and operate as if it was right there on your network.

What’s an image-based backup?  Simply, it is a virtual copy of your entire server that is portable, just like a file…but a really big file. That file can be used on your BDR, the off-site datacenter location, on the new replacement server you get in to replace your failed server…you have OPTIONS with a BDR.

A BDR is a good alternative to something like Barracuda backup or Mozy backup or Carbonite backup.  If you do a simple backup of your data and don’t have an image of your server, you may have a longer time to recovery than if you used a local BDR appliance.  Don’t misunderstand…having the backup is great, but if it is data only, you will have a lot longer time to recovery.

With a local BDR, your servers or workstations could be available in 15 minutes or less, so there is no costly down-time while you wait to download all your data if that should be needed.

A BDR is something that all small businesses depending on servers and workstations need to stay operational…with pricing that is real close to those data backup services…but WAY easier to use and recover from an outage.

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