Computer Support Tyler Texas and East Texas. Backup and disaster recovery. Okay, admission time. I infected my laptop while at a client’s office the other day.

 I was looking for a piece of free software that I needed and got careless on a very click-baity site and installed a rogue program by mistake.

When I realized what I’d done, I closed my laptop and put it in my bag.

Back at my office, I went through a malware removal process and was still having an issue after running several very good tools for this.

I know that I had a good backup from the day before and could restore from it…so I reset my computer, then copied all of the files from my local backup device back to my computer.

That was the quickest and safest route to restoring my computer. The key here is that I had a quick route to recovery because of my backup. The backup was key to my short RTO (recovery time objective).

What are you doing in your business to ensure that you have a very quick RTO so that your business is not impacted with computer or server downtime?

Do you have a secure, automatic, verified, off-site backup? Can you spin up a copy of your server on a local backup appliance and continue working in the event of an outage on your server?

Contact an IT managed services provider to help you with a backup and disaster recovery plan that couples a local backup appliance and a cloud based backup to a top-tier data center.

That’s what Pronet Solutions does. We can help you implement a solution where your key workstations and servers are backed up and quickly available in the event of any kind of failure, be it hardware, software or malicious downloads.

Bad things can happen to computers, even to IT people. I foolishly clicked on the wrong link while being distracted at a client’s site and it cost me a little inconvenience. Having my backup set to automatically backup everything for me saved my bacon.

Protect your bacon too…reach out and let’s start a discussion to see if Pronet Solutions can help strengthen your network, or augment your current IT support infrastructure.

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