Network Security for your small business

Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

Network Security means knowing what traffic is coming and going across your firewall.  Do you know what that traffic is?

Network security is always going to be important.  You must protect your network, your computers and servers, your email and your data.

Threats from bad actors out there are NOT going away.

Like this dangerous botnet Emotet, which has found new life.

You must constantly train your employees to be on guard against clicking on attachments and links sent via email.

Your small business or organization must have these solutions in place:

  • Rock-solid professional firewall
  • Automatic backup solution with success/failure reporting
  • 24/7 computer and server monitoring
  • Web Protection to help reduce clicks to malicious websites
  • Email backup/encryption/archiving
  • Employee training/reminder policy to be suspicious of incoming links and attachments

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