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I received a voice message on my cell phone today.  It was a scam call.

It was an old-school phishing attack.  Robo-dialers call random cell phones until one answers or it goes to voice mail…I let this particular caller go to voice mail.

The message they leave is always something similar to this:

This is Jane Doe (named changed to protect the idiots) and I’m calling on behalf of in regards to a suit “that is being filed” against you. Someone will have to come by and deliver important court documents. Please call the following number 855-xxx-xxxx to verify you address.

Okay, first off…the courts would know my address and anything else they need to know about me from my driver’s license and other public records…so I don’t have to phone an 855 number to verify this.

Also, as far as I know, my county court does NOT contract with workers in other counties to make calls like this.  Might have just been a dumb scammer that didn’t mask their caller ID with the right county.

Anyway, those were two dead giveaways that this was a scam call.

Honestly though, on first hearing it, a little tinge of fear goes through you.  What could this be?  If you are not on your guard, your first instinct might be to call that number and “get to the bottom of this”.  That’s precisely what the scammers want you to do.  It’s their call to action.

Don’t fall for it.

Same thing with links or attachments that you get in email.

Before you click something or save and open an attachment, ask yourself some questions.

Do I know and trust the sender? 

Does this look like something they would normally send me? 

Am I expecting these links or attachments from this sender?

I’ll be honest, I usually delete most emails that I get with an attachment or a link, especially if it comes unsolicited and is in the form of an internet joke from someone.

Did you call the sender and verify if they are sending you something and ask them what it is? 

Phone scams have  been trying to trick us for years before the internet was even a reality.

But now that the internet and email is a big part of our everyday life, we must be on guard to protect our data from rogues and hackers and thieves.

If your business depends on data, make sure that is protected too.

Get with a trusted IT Managed Services provider and put a good backup solution in place.

We recommend of course, our BDR onsite backup appliance with VEEAM backup software.

Please contact us we’ll let you know if a BDR is right for your business.

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