What’s a BDR?

A BDR is a Backup and Disaster Recovery appliance that sits in your server room or data closet and stores automatic backups of your data from you servers and key workstations.

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Criminals are always working on ways to make their malicious programs work better, often thwarting attempts by security professionals to stay ahead.  This article explains how even machine learning fails to prevent a new ransomware strain.

You must constantly stay vigilant when it comes to protecting your company from ransomware and one of the best ways is to communicate to your staff to always be suspicious of emails with attachments and links.

You should always be asking:

  • Does the email come from a credible source?
  • Is the email and attachment something that is expected?
  • Did you call the sender to verify that they sent you the attachment?

Why be that paranoid?  Well, because the safety of your business data depends on this kind of scrutiny.  It is VERY easy these days to be tricked into clicking links and attachments, so it is best to be on guard and suspicious.

More on the BDR:

A BDR will make an image of your server or key workstations as often as every 15 minutes.  This backup is stored locally and replicated to an off-site location.

In the event that someone inadvertantly clicks a malicious link and your data is encypted and unusable by your company until a ransom is paid in Bitcoin, you may restore that data from your BDR backup.

Get a good backup solution in place, and protect your business, your data and your livelihood from the rogues out there who want to steal from you and shut down your business.



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