Secure Firewalls for small business in East Texas, Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, Henderson, NacogdochesHackers…too bad they don’t use their power for good instead of evil.  They are really good at what they do and take their jobs seriously.

Protecting your network is a serious business. Traditional methods alone just don’t cut it anymore.

Oh, you have a firewall and antivirus on your computers?  Great!

Antivirus and traditional firewalls cover you for KNOWN threats

Yep, when a threat is discovered, antivirus companies create a definition for that threat and then update your computers with the latest definition set.  Same kind of thing happens for your firewall.

That is…if you have a security bundle on your firewall.  Most small businesses have way less protection than they think they do.

Does your firewall have an enterprise security bundle that will help protect your network from ransomware exploits and UNKNOWN threats?  This is something IN ADDITION to your end-point protection of anti-virus and anti-malware.


But I am a Small Business, Nobody wants my info

Have a small business and think hackers aren’t interested in your company?

Think again.

It’s all about money…for the hackers that is.  They are constantly throwing stuff out there hoping that someone will click on their malicious links.  And click they do.

Just like the legitimate websites that had been compromised and were redirecting traffic to malicious exploit sites, resulting in hackers selling those redirects for $20 per thousand.  This kind of activity can yield a pretty profit, albeit an illegal one.

How much profit?  A 20 day test mentioned in the article cited below revealed a network of about 52,000 servers which generated about 44 million requests that were redirected to exploit sites…so yeah, there’s money in it.

Big businesses have the resources and manpower to put systems in place to protect against attacks, but you still hear about them being compromised all the time don’t you?

If there is a vulnerability in a computer system, such as an un-patched security flaw, you can bet a hacker is trying to exploit it and take money, either through stolen credentials or ransomware.  They don’t care if the person who clicks on the malicious link works at IBM, or Mom and Pop’s Soda Shop.

Protect the perimeter of your network with a firewall from a company named by Gartner as a  Magic Quadrant Leader for enterprise network firewalls for 2017.

Pronet Solutions has partnered with Fortinet and are certified in installation and use of their firewalls.  More info here.

Want a no-cost security audit?

Are you concerned about your network security?

Want to find out if there are intrusions into your network?

Pronet Solutions has a no-cost security audit we will gladly do for your network.

We place one of our firewalls on your network which simply watches and logs the traffic coming into and leaving your network.  The firewall is just an observer and causes no slowness or network downtime.

After about a week, we conclude the audit and issue a report showing the findings.

Find out more about your network with our security audit.

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