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Monitor your computers 24 hours a day and help avoid spam, malware and viruses like Cryptolocker from causing downtime for your small business. 

Protect your small business computers with the Pronet Security Bundle, and you can Try Before You Buy

Keep your business systems protected with the Pronet LiveAgent monitoring solution.  Your computers will be protected with Bit Defender antivirus.  Our LiveAgent solution will also scan your systems for vulnerabilities and missing patches.  These patches can be pushed out from a monitoring dashboard that YOU control.

The Pronet LiveAgent protection package protects your computers from malicious attacks, phishing attacks and can help prevent costly downtime caused by users inadvertently clicking on rogue links and attachments. This for pennies a day.

Best of all, you can TRY BEFORE YOU BUY for the following:

  • Antivirus – with automatic definitions updates
  • Real-time scanning and deep scanning that YOU can schedule
  • Anti-malware
  • Patch Management (Windows, application patches and updates, Adobe Flash, Reader, Skype, etc.)
  • Remote control (remote control a user’s PC and allow user to demonstrate problems while you observe)
  • Web Protection/Filtering – This helps to block outgoing links to malicious sites
  • File Backup (optional)
  • Asset inventory
  • Software inventory
  • Service Monitoring
  • Disk usage monitoring
  • Run scripts
  • Mobile device management

Click the link below and we will start your NO RISK 30-day Try Before You Buy trial. This will allow you see your protected PCs in a single management dashboard, both local PCs and servers as well as computers from all your remote and home users.

Don’t worry, when you Try Before You Buy your dashboard will be in read-only mode and will not make any changes to your systems until you want to turn on the full-blown protection.

Let our LiveAgent inventory your PCs and servers and you can see what kind of issues you may have with them.  The hourly system checks will show the following:

  • patch levels
  • type of antivirus solution installed
  • antivirus definition set dates

It will also perform the following checks every 15 minutes…don’t worry, you can set that for less frequency if you’d like.

Performance monitoring checks, include:

  • Memory
  • Disk space with Drive Space Change Check
  • Process Queue
  • Processor Time
  • Physical Disk Health
  • Critical events check
  • Antivirus check
  • Vulnerability check (missing patches)

Try out the remote control function.  What a great way to manage computers that may not be on the local domain or even in the local building.

Also, there is a tool that will allow you to run scripts on PCs, get inventory of hardware, remote control, see what software and which version is installed on a PC.  All this without having to drive to a remote site.

Once you have your PCs and servers setup in the LiveAgent dashboard and you like what you see, tell us, and we’ll turn on the full protection package.

Click the below link to begin your Try Before You Buy Trial:

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