Protect yourself from data breach

Protect yourself from data breaches like the Capitol One and Equifax incidents.

Kudos to Capitol One for reporting this data breach 2 days after they were alerted to it, unlike the Equifax breach where they waited 6 weeks.  Read about the settlement and see if you are eligible to file a claim here.

Here is a good synapsis of what happened.

And a key takeaway comes from this article to protect yourself from further exploitation:

“It is also worth mentioning that Capital One emphasized the fact that while they will be notifying those affected by the breach, that they are not doing so by calling or sending emails that ask for personal information, including credit card information or account information. If you suspect that you received such an email, customers are encouraged to just forward the email to and then delete it.”

With so many attackers out there trying to get your data, you must protect yourself.

Protect your small business by:

  • Installing a professional level firewall
  • Put 24/7 computer and server monitoring in place
  • Find a good computer support company (hint: Pronet Solutions Corporation would be a good choice)
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