Computer backup in Tyler, longivew and all of East Texas

If you think you are immune from a ransomware attack because you are a small business, or are in a small town and have nothing of value for hackers…don’t be fooled. Protect yourself from ransomware attacks.  Keep reading for how to do that.

Hackers know that your town or city must provide essential services, such as supply water, trash pickup, zoning and code enforcement, police services, etc. 

This makes the city or town a target…no matter how small, just like this town…Municipal computers hacked

The same goes for your small business.

If your small business or your city is attacked and computers and servers are compromised, hackers are banking on collecting their ransom.

It’s the suckers without the backup system in place who will gladly pay!

Protect yourself from ransomware attacks with:

  • A rock-solid backup
  • Security measures like an enterprise firewall
  • Antivirus and anti-malware on your computers
  • Spam protection on your email system
  • AND employee training

Get with a good computer support company to help you put these things in place.

Don’t wait until there is an emergency.

Save yourself a lot of hassle.

Put systems in place to protect your business now, before there is a problem.

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