IT Managed Services, Tyler Texas, Longview TexasSecurity for your small business network has many layers, as not one layer alone will protect your business data. It’s not like in days past when we installed antivirus software, when those software providers could actually stay ahead of the attackers by issuing updated virus definitions. Anti-virus alone is not nearly enough protection.

Today, the attack surface on your network is huge and there are many routes available to the hackers who want to get in, be they exploits of unpatched systems, no or out of date antivirus software, social engineering or phishing emails enticing a quick click on the mouse by a user tricked into clicking rogue links and attachments.

The threats are real and they are relentless.

This is why you must protect your company networks with a secure firewall with UTM protection, antivirus, antimalware software, a solid secure password policy and constant employee education about the risks from incoming email links and attachments. A top priority which goes without saying is an automatic and secure backup with offsite replication.

Protect your company with this minimum set of protections and you build a good barrier between your company data and the bad guys who are trying to exploit it.

Find an IT Managed Services provider who can help you put this minimum set of tools in place and protect your network and company today.

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