Security for your small business means, network security, data security, computer security and email security.


In today’s world, with so many attack surfaces, security should be a top concern for your small business.  Secure your network with a professional grade, managed firewall to guard against intrusions. Secure your data with a solid data backup and recovery solution in place. Secure your computers, with a managed solution that will provide antivirus, anti-malware, patch management and malicious web site blocking. Secure your email.  Email is an important component of pretty much all businesses.  If you are dependent on it for your day-to-day business, protect your business with email backup, email encryption and a good email archive solution.

What Security means for your business

  • Protection on your network perimeter (where your network joins the internet)
  • Protection from viruses and malware on your servers and computers
  • Protection from exploits by cyber-criminals, phishing attacks, email exploits
  • Protection from exploits because of unpatched computers and servers
  • Keeping your business running by minimizing down-time
  • Less cost, less stress and peace of mind

Important questions to ask

  • Do we have a business class firewall in place to offer the best security for our network?
  • Is our company backup secure and offsite?
  • Are all of our computers covered by security best practices, ie; antivirus, anti-malware?
  • Do we have a strategy for patch management on our computers?
  • Do we have a solution in place to mitigate damages from compromised systems?
  • Should our company be sending encrypted email?
  • Is our email backed up? Do we have a system in place for archiving old email?

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