Cloud backup Tyler, Texas, BDR, Backup and Disaster Recovery for East Texas small businessA backup of your company data is one of the foundational things you should have in place to protect your business.

A good backup is just one element of an overall security strategy for your company, and it’s a big one. A small business must do everything it can to ensure that business continues in the cases of a catastrophe.

Other important pieces are antivirus/anti malware, web protection, and a rock-solid firewall with UTM protection.

Your end points (your computers, your servers) should have antivirus/anti malware and web protection on them to guard against known threats and malicious websites.

Protect your network from internet attackers with a rock-solid firewall with UTM (Unified Threat Management).

For a more in-depth nerd’s eye view of what UTM is and what it means for your small business, go here:

A good firewall and a good patch management and antivirus strategy are just some of the keys to keep your data, and your business safe.

You will also need to educate and inform your employees about the constant attacks that are being perpetrated on small businesses. Even with firewall and antivirus solutions in place, one wrong click by an unsuspecting employee could potentially infect all of your data.

That’s a risky position to be in.

What’s wrong with a Cloud backup?

Suppose your data gets compromised by some variant of ransomware. Okay, great, just restore from your backup right? If you have to restore from the Cloud, and your bandwidth is low, yet your data set is large, this could take days.

In the case of hardware failure, unless you have a spare server just sitting around, you’re going to have to wait until you can get the failed server fixed or replaced. That could take days or even a week or more.

The problem with Cloud backup is your RTO…or Recovery Time Objective. You have a good backup, it’s just going to take a really long time before you are in full operation again because of hardware availability and download speeds.

Does your business have that much time to wait?

Why a BDR?

That’s where a BDR comes into play.

A BDR (Backup and disaster recovery) is a locally installed appliance which will allow you to back up all your data, but not just that, it actually backs up an “image” of your entire server (or workstation).

An image is an identical copy of the server in one big file. This image is portable, meaning you can copy it to another server and run that server just as it was running on the original one. Even better, you can back up that image to a datacenter in the Cloud. More in a bit to see how this can save your bacon.

If your server becomes unavailable, spin up that image copy on your local BDR appliance and run it there until you either repair or replace the failed server.

In the unlikely event that you lose your server and your BDR in some kind of mishap, no worries…you can spin up that server in a datacenter that you’ve replicated your backup to. This server acts just as if it is on your local network.

Sounds complicated doesn’t it? Well, actually parts of it can be complicated for sure, which is why you should partner with a company that is good at backup.

We are good at backup. That’s one of our core services. We are there to help you protect your business data with backup strategies such as a BDR. We will also help you with the other pieces of your security bundle, such as antivirus, and a managed firewall.

Bottom line, we take the complication out of your backup plan so you can concentrate on your business.

Is a BDR right for your business?

Give us a shout and we can discuss it.