Veeam Backup for East Texas, including Tyler, Longview, Lufkin, NacogdochesCan you recover from a failed server in minutes with your current backup solution, or is it more like hours or days?

Your server has failed, or maybe the data has been encrypted by ransomware.

Good new is, you have a backup.  So, how long will it take you to be back in business?

Your recovery time will have a direct impact on your business.  Do you know how long it will take you be back in operation?

First, you will have to diagnose the problem.  If it’s a hardware problem, you will have to order replacement parts, install them,  and hopefully your system is back without too much trouble.

You may have a hard disk problem that requires you to replace a faulty drive and restore data from your backup. Okay great, you have a backup to restore from, so you should be fine. 

But wait, where is your backup?  Is it stored locally or is it in the cloud?  If local, you can restore it pretty quickly.  If you have to restore from the cloud, it’s going to take a considerable amount of time depending on the amount of data.

If you don’t have a spare hard disk, you will have to order one.  If that is shipped next day with early delivery, that could be 8 hours or longer until you have a replacement drive for your system.

What if the same catastrophe that affected your server has affected your local backup device?  If that’s the case, you will have to restore the data from your offsite datacenter location and this could take a very long time, depending on the amout of data that you have.

That’s why we recommend a BDR appliance that you can backup to locally, then replicate to a datacenter automatically.  Get with a reputable IT Managed Services provider and ask them how to get started with one.

In the event of a server failure, spin up a copy of that server on your BDR appliance, just like it was the original server.  If your local site takes down your servers and your BDR device, you may spin up a copy of that server in the offsite data center.

This can usually be done in minutes.  Not hours, not days…but minutes.

Is a BDR right for your business?

You have to decide just exactly how much downtime your business can withstand.

Remember, it’s not the cost of the backup solution, but the cost of the downtime from an unavailable server or key workstation that you should consider.  

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