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What is an MSP and what are managed IT services?




The tech world is filled with jargon.  Geeky terms that only geeky people or people who hang around geeks know.

One such term is MSP. In the case of Information Technology, MSP stands for Managed Service Provider.  (I can see the geeks in the crowd rolling their eyes now)

If keeping your business running and the cash registers ringing is the most important thing for you to do, you don’t have time nor care about all the nerd speak like MSP, DNS, DHCP, IPSEC…and all the other geek acronyms out there.

A managed service provider specializes in providing IT managed services for a wide gamut of needs, such as services and software to run a doctor or dentist’s office to cloud based services for email, such as Office 365, or CRM (oops, jargon) or Customer Relationship Management software such as or Microsoft Dynamics.

Some of the Managed IT Services

Some of the Managed Service Providers will perform other functions such as:

  • backup and disaster recovery implementation
  • network monitoring
  • patch management
  • virus and malware prevention
  • network and server support
  • domain and web host management
  • break-fix support for your servers and workstations
  • support for remote workers

 When do you need an Managed Service Provider? 

Probably when the tasks become too complex or burdensome and they start keeping you from performing your main function, which is hopefully servicing your existing clients and growing your business.

Example of a basic Managed IT Service

Typically, MSPs have done many conversions for businesses to Office 365.  It is highly likely that your company has never done it.  So why bother spending all that time trying to figure out the complexities of (jargon alert) MX Records, cname records, .txt records, etc.?  You’d be better off to hire an MSP to provide that service for you.

A good MSP will also manage your Office 365 portal for you and typically will for at or near the same cost that Microsoft will charge you. Of course, you could always go direct to Microsoft and learn how to do it all and do it yourself if you wanted to.  For some of you, that is not the best use of your time.


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