What is RTO and RPO?

RTO is Recovery Time Objective.  How long can your business tolerate being down while you take steps to replace or repair your existing server?

If you get a new server, it may be a week before it is configured, ordered, shipped, assembled, and installed. Then, depending on the speed of your internet access, it could be several days or longer before your data is downloaded from your secure, offsite location.

This scenario makes your RTO excessively high.

It would be very dangerous to have a solution like this in place, especially dangerous for your job if the boss finds out that there are existing solutions that will have you back in business in minutes and you didn’t present him with that option.

RPO is Recovery Point Objective.  This is the point in time that your backup is able to be restored to.

Think about it like this.  If you have a once-per-day backup cycle and it runs at 7pm.  If something were to happen to your server at 5pm, you could possibly lose all the work that you did that day because the last good backup was from the night before, around 7pm.

You should strive for a system that gives you the shortest RTO and the most recent RPO as possible.

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