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Writing an RFP, or Request for Proposal for Network and IT Services can be a daunting task if you’ve never done it before.

However, as experienced IT Managers know, a top-notch RFP is the first step to locating and establishing a relationship with a top-notch IT vendor that will be able to provide solutions for your specific needs, on time and on budget.

Read our 10 Steps to Writing an Effective RFP for IT Services to find out how to get on the right foot for your next IT project.

A good RFP will help you:

  • Inform vendors about your company
  • Identify the scope of the proposal
  • Make your vendor selection easy

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As a leading Cloud Services Provider, Pronet Solutions has been selected for a case study by DataOn Storage to provide insight into hybrid flash technology in Azure Stack HCI.  Read the case study at the link below.

Leading CSP Architects Hybrid Flash Azure Stack HCI Solution to Meet Demanding Multi-Workloads Environment

DataOn Case Study Pronet Solutions Azure HCI

As organizations modernize their IT infrastructure, many are moving away from the traditional three-tier architecture to hyper-converged infrastructure. One of the key datacenter trend is the push towards software-defined infrastructures and hybrid cloud computing. Software-defined infrastructures move data centers away from discrete hardware-defined systems and towards a software-defined environment that can run on industry-standard hardware.

Get insights into an Azure Stack HCI solution with Pronet Solutions Co-Founder Andrew Hill in this BrightTALK panel presentation.

Panel Discussion Azure Stack Cloud Computing